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Privacy Policy

What are Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer using the web browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox) at the request of the site you are browsing. This allows the site you are browsing to remember things about you, such as your settings that you have set up on the site and the history of page views or to remember your application.

Cookies can be stored on your computer for a short period (for example, some are stored only when your web browser is open) or for a longer period, even years. Cookies not stored in this site are not available to us.

Our Use of Cookies

This site uses cookies for analytics, which allows us to determine how visitors use this site for its improvement. The information collected include:

Internet Protocol (IP) address
geographical location
type of web browsers and versions
operating system
length of visit, review of pages and any other related activity of browsing our site.
This information is used exclusively for statistical purposes of site visits.

Other third-party cookies for things like Facebook or Twitter sharing will generally be set up by third parties independently, so this site has no ability to read or write those cookies.

Links to Other Sites

www.drbrankorudic.com contains links to other external sites. The site www.drbrankorudic.com does not have control over external sites, so by clicking on any link that results in a visit to another site, this private policy is no longer valid.

You can set up your web browser to block cookies, however, this may limit the ability to use the site www.drbrankorudic.com .